Essentially Me

The word ‘essence’ in the Oxford is described as:

  • All that makes a thing what it is
  • Intrinsic nature (fundamentally)
  • Indispensable quality or element


What is life coaching?

The aim of a life coach, particularly one who works with emotional intelligence and our inner picture, is to facilitate personal ownership, increase self-awareness and establish a strong emotional foundation that supports personal and professional growth and in the adult years supports the accomplishing of goals and dreams.

Using powerful question frames we inspire individuals to bring about a clear understanding of their personal aspirations, goals or dreams by focusing on solutions and activating currently dormant or hidden potential in order to bring the changes they desire or require in order to bring to fulfillment this aspiration, goal or dream.

During this time, if any inner obstacle arise (emotional hurts or thinking patterns that need perspective) the coach will in a compassionate manner help the individual focus on moving forward toward wholeness and clear thinking.

As thinking begins to change behavioural patterns often break off completely or change for the better and a healthier perspective on life, things and people can be established.


What life coaching is not

Life coaching is NOT psychology, psychiatry, therapy, counselling, mentoring or advice giving. It is a specialized art of holding solution based conversations and adding solution based or enlightening exercises toward self-discovery and personal empowerment.

It helps individuals become independent decision makers and not dependent on fitting to the fads and fancies of the day or peers, but becoming strong and independent and emotional intelligent thinkers who live balanced lives with a healthy respect for others and healthy communication skills.

If during the coaching process it is discovered that specialized help is needed the coach will refer the individual and not try and work outside of their field of expertise.