About me

I am Celeste Glass, a happily married forty something year old woman and mother of four gorgeous children. We enjoy living in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town in the heart of the Durbanville wine valley.

The wellbeing of the next generation and those to come is something I am very passionate about and therefore focus my energy on equipping families in emotional intelligence rooted in the Scriptures.

It is important for me to know who I am and what I can add to the world and how in this way I can ‘be the change I want to see’ – from this flows my desire to help others do the same. The Lord Jesus is my first reference and advancing His Kingdom is my first point of departure for all I do. I dedicated my life


to advancing His Kingdom in the lives of my own children first and having seen and tasted the fruit I embarked on getting qualified as an Inner Life Skills Coach in order to help other families, women, mothers, teenagers and young adults find their identity in Him and begin to live their lives deliberately.

My aim is to help individuals and families come back to the essence of who God made them to be and to celebrate the beauty of His creation of you. This also equips parents with the tools to raise whole children who are strong and who will not allow the world to squeeze them into its mould, but will remain true to who God created them to be by the renewing of their minds from within.

I was blessed to marry young, at the age of twenty, to a God fearing man who knew and understood the calling of God on his life. I attended Bible College and was ordained as a prophet and sent to Berlin Germany where we assisted in a church plant. My husband fell suddenly ill while we were preparing to plant a work in Mannheim and passed away within a space of six days – doctors still don’t know what it was.

I returned to Cape Town with my three babies and our new journey began. The Lord blessed us with a man who understood what we had been through and we married a year later and the Lord graciously added child number four. During the years since as a family we have experienced and overcome many deep traumatic events and grew in Jesus to wholeness. This road He designed for us to travel, knowing every possible scenario and the outcome and how to help us, is what stirred in me a passion to see Jesus be given the opportunity to give to others what He gave to us.

  • 1995 – 1996 Swimming and Triathlon Certification
  • 1996 – 1997 Practical Theology with Life of Christ Bible Institute (now Miracle Bible College)
  • 1998 Ordination as Prophet
  • 1998 Sent to Germany
  • 2001 Widowed and return to South Africa
  • 2001 to 2009 Received Weekly Mentoring
  • 2002 Re-married
  • 2007 – 2010 Practical Theology with Miracle Bible College
  • 2014 to date House Hold (small group) leader together with my husband
  • 2015 MBC Cell Lecturer
  • 2017 Professional Inner Life Skills Coach Certification with HFPA
  • Coach 101
  • Level 2 Professional Coach
  • Purpose and Identity Coaching
  • Home School Toolkit “Consulting” or Coaching
  • Goals, dreams and planning Coaching
  • Inner Obstacles and Emotional Healing

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