As a professional Life Coach, I offer the following services:

  • Public speaking
  • Motivational speaking
    • Family health
    • Women empowerment
    • Teen or young adult empowerment


I target specific training for:


With more laws being passed that take away parental rights and constrict our parenting approach, we need to look for another way in which to help our children grow into respectful, balanced and competent young adults who are secure in who they are and emotionally healthy. I offer a unique service of practical emotional intelligence training for parents which include a complimentary introduction session at my practice, with the whole family. In this session I play the role of mediator to get the communication flowing healthily and safely and to help set the tone for the work you as family will continue doing from here on in.

  • Parent training can be approached in one of the following ways:
    • Once a week 3h session in a group of at least 10 couples over the course of 3 weeks
    • Weekend session running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon for a group of at least 10 couples
    • A full one week course of 1.5h to 2h sessions each evening from Monday to Friday for a group of at least 10 couples am available to churches in regards to this, with small adaptations which will be discussed upon booking request
  • The three week, one week, and one weekend courses all include parent manual, one complimentary family session where you will receive your practical work book with question frames, and printable worksheets.
  • Any help a family may feel they need over a longer period of time, may be further discussed

Teens and young adults

  • One day full workshop where we work through identity discovery and from there flow over into decision making and direction planning work. This is unique in that it first works to excavate who we are – identity – or for those who are sure who they are, we solidify their ‘I am’. From there we learn that who we are lines up with what we do. In other words no longer do we have to look for a purpose or live a purpose driven life, but rather see and come to understand that we are our purpose. Once we are more clear on who we are, how we think and operate, the great parts and the unpleasant parts, we work on accepting all of who we are, everything that makes me, me. From here we start to excavate what we like, what makes us tick, what gets us excited, and we then set out a plan toward fulfilling that and making it real.
  • This works so well for the current generation (our children from 1997 to date) and brings them ‘back’ from being the so called ‘lost generation’ into a place of purposeful functionality and whole emotions delivering continued success for themselves in whatsoever they choose to do. And the success is their success, no longer phased by the opinions and judgments of others but rather completely secure in who they are and who they are in Christ, living a contented life.
  • I am also available for youth camps

Home education needs

  • As I have home educated my children on and off from birth but especially from ages 10 onward, I have a keen understanding of the fears, hopes, needs and strains of home education. In this regard I provide a service that helps you as parent define exactly what it is you want to achieve out for your home education journey and how best to go about it. We break the barriers set and the boxed that constrain in order to have a clear and liberated scope and understanding of what educating our children for life is truly all about and helping liberate you as parent to go about raising your children from a restful and peace filled position
  • These sessions can be done one on one or a group of families can get together and I will present a group session.

Public Speaking

  • Encouragement and upliftment for women based and founded in Scripture and the doctrine of Jesus Christ
  • Encouragement and upliftment for young adults based and founded in Scripture and the doctrine of Jesus Christ

One on One sessions

  • My main focus is individual emotional healing, especially for moms or women
  • Young people, from ages 16 and up personal development and empowerment and emotional healing
  • Identity excavation that leads to purpose discovery